Feature Data Objects Provider for WFS

The Feature Data Objects (FDO) API provides access to data in a data store. A provider is a specific implementation of the FDO API that provides access to data in a particular data store. The FDO Provider for WFS provides FDO with access to a WFS-based data store.

An OGC Web Feature Service (WFS) provides access to geographic features that are stored in an opaque data store in a client/server environment. A client uses WFS to retrieve geospatial data that is encoded in Geography Markup Language (GML) from a single or multiple Web Feature Service. The communication between client and server is encoded in XML. If the WFS response includes feature geometries, it is encoded in Geography Markup Language (GML), which is specified in the OpenGIS Geographic Markup Language Implementation Specification.

Using FDO Provider for WFS data manipulation operations, you can Query features based on spatial and non-spatial constraints.

The FDO Provider for WMS can run in a multi-platform environment, including Windows and Linux.

Connecting to the WMS Provider

This information supplements the Establishing a Connection chapter in the FDO Developers Guide.

You can connect to FDO Provider for WFS by specifying the URL corresponding to the WFS Server that you want to use.

Specifying the WFS Server URL is the minimum required connection properties for the initial call to Open(). Access to the server may be password-protected in which case a Username and password must also be supplied.