BMP --- Microsoft Windows Device Independent Bitmap

MS Windows Device Independent Bitmaps supported by the Windows kernel and mostly used for storing system decoration images. Due to the nature of the BMP format it has several restrictions and could not be used for general image storing. In particular, you can create only 1-bit monochrome, 8-bit pseudocoloured and 24-bit RGB images only. Even grayscale images must be saved in pseudocolour form.

This driver supports reading almost any type of the BMP files and could write ones which should be supported on any Windows system. Only single- or three- band files could be saved in BMP file. Input values will be resampled to 8 bit.

If an ESRI world file exists with the .bpw, .bmpw or .wld extension, it will be read and used to establish the geotransform for the image.

Creation Options

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