PCIDSK --- PCI Geomatics Database File

PCIDSK database file used by PCI EASI/PACE software for image analysis. It is supported for reading, and writing by GDAL. All pixel data types, and data organizations (pixel interleaved, band interleaved, file interleaved and tiled) should be supported, but compressed PCIDSK files are not supported. Currently LUT and PCT segments are ignored. Overall file, and band specific metadata should be correctly associated with the image or bands.

Georeferencing is supported though there may be some limitations in support of datums and ellipsoids. If GCP segments are present, the first will be used, and the rest ignored.

Internal overview (pyramid) images will also be correctly read though newly requested overviews will be built externally as an .ovr file.

Vector segments are not supported by GDAL or OGR at this time.




Creation Options

Note that PCIDSK files are always produced pixel interleaved, even though other organizations are supported for read.

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