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NAME imports raster data from IGN WMTS service. Available layers depend upon the user's contract.


raster, import, wms, wmts, ign

SYNOPSIS help [-cm] apikey=string user=string password=string wmtslayer=string tiletype=string output=string [--overwrite] [--verbose] [--quiet]


Get capabilities
output 3 separate-band rasters rather than a composite RGB raster
Allow output files to overwrite existing file
Verbose module output
Quiet module output


apikey=string [required]
personal apiKey
user=string [required]
Username for server connection
password=string [required]
Password for server connection
Layer to request from WMS server
tile image format
Name for output raster map

NOTES lets you query a dataset via a contract. Beware the conditions that come with it and terms of use that apply to data.

It is only a transitory module aiming at allowing french wmts support for GRASS 6.4 version ( module fails at requesting this service, and Add-On does not correctly handle french projection systems (which operate nadgrid-based datum shifts). It is quite rough but easily adaptable to one's personnal needs.

Connecting to the WMTS streams of Géoportail is not straight, in cause a restricted access protected by a personal apiKey that comes with your contract. See practical details concerning registration on the official website.


This command returns the list of available layers for contract pi3cawp5p883ql4bdk3bhert owned by vincent : -c apikey=pi3cawp5p883ql4bdk3bhert user=vincent password=******

Import orthoimagery from IGN wmts server, to 3 raster bands,, -m apikey=pi3cawp5p883ql4bdk3bhert user=vincent password=****** wmtslayer=ORTHOIMAGERY.ORTHOPHOTOS tiletype=jpeg output=orthoign

Import cadastral parcels from IGN wmts server to a raster parcels: apikey=pi3cawp5p883ql4bdk3bhert user=vincent password=****** wmtslayer=CADASTRALPARCELS.PARCELS tiletype=png output=parcels



Vincent Bain, Toraval, France

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