DESCRIPTION imports DWG files into GRASS.

EXAMPLE input=map.dwg output=map

NOTES does not require OpenDWG or any proprietary software. It requires LibreDWG, which is released under the GNU GPLv3.

You need to download, compile and install (check website) LibreDWG and use the related configure options to tell GRASS about it (warning: configure options not implemented yet)

   ./configure \
   ... \
   --with-libredwg \
   --with-libredwg-includes=/usr/include \
Then run make to compile this module.

Not all entity types are supported (warning printed).


Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva (pitanga at members dot fsf dot org), São Paulo, Brazil
based on original code by Radim Blazek, ITC-Irst, Trento, Italy

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