i.eb.deltat calculates the difference of temperature between two heights. Generally considered between surface skin temperature and air temperature ~2m above the skin (soil/canopy/etc). This approximation is found in Pawan (2004) and is used for initialization of the sensible heat flux iterations in SEBAL (Bastiaanssen, 1995).


This is found in Pawan (2004). This is the case of a Landsat satellite image of Oct 8, 2003, located in Portugal. He also mentions a strange equation for MODIS of January 13, 2003. delta T = -3440.37 +12.18404 * LST. Of course the intercept looks like the LST band is still in storage format (*10000). Additionally, it is worth menitoning that Pawan only created this map once, and used it all the time. This is certainly because he created the relationship from some field data and found it reliable enough not to modify this parameter anymore, leading to a simplified iteration process of SEBAL, changing only the rah parameter through the iterations of H,L,psi,rah.





Yann Chemin, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand

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