i.histo.match performs histogram matching on the given input images.


The histogram matching method is based on the method Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF) of two or more histograms. Each value of original CDF is compared with the target histogram in order to obtain the target CDF value closest to the original value.


This example is based the North Carolina GRASS sample data set, [complete GRASS location].
# create the output with histogram matching
i.histo.match input=lsat5_1987_10,lsat7_2000_10

# set grey color to the new maps
r.colors map=lsat5_1987_10.match color=grey
r.colors map=lsat7_2000_10.match color=grey

# visualize and compare the results
Original data:

Matched data:

SEE ALSO, i.rectify


Luca Delucchi, Fondazione E. Mach (Italy)

based on original PERL code was developed by: Laura Zampa (2004), student of Dipartimento di Informatica e Telecomunicazioni, Facolta' di Ingegneria, University of Trento and ITC-irst, Trento (Italy)

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