i.ortho.corr allows to correct orthophotos using the camera angle map create by

It creates a new image by searching further images adjacent to the input image. The output contains part of near images where the camera angle value is optimal.


It requires a tile index to be created containing all the images to be processed (e.g., GDAL's gdaltindex can create that):
gdaltindex tile.shp $GRASSDATA/$LOCATION/$MAPSET/cellhd/*imagery.ortho
The field option is used for the field's name which contains the path to the file, the default is location that it is used by gdaltindex. The exclude option serves to remove some tiles, for example when having tiles from a different flight, they can be excluded by passing a string or a regular expression.


Create tile index:
gdaltindex tile.shp $GRASSDATA/$LOCATION/$MAPSET/cellhd/*imagery.ortho

Import tile index inside the mapset dns=tile.shp out=tile_images

Start i.ortho.corr with the default parameters, the output map's name will be image.ortho_corr. You can use default parameters if you didn't change the output prefix in

i.ortho.corr input=image.ortho tiles=tile_images

Start i.ortho.corr with different parameters

i.ortho.corr tiles=tile_images 



Luca Delucchi, Fondazione E. Mach (Italy)

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