DESCRIPTION provides information concerning the correlation of pixels inside a moving window between two raster files.

It calculates correlation of two raster maps by calculating correlation function of two corresponding rectangular areas for each raster point and writing the result into a new raster map.


This module computes the correlation between two raster files but unlike r.pi.lm for moving windows of a specific size. This module is partly based on r.neighbours and r.covar.


An example for the North Carolina sample dataset: Correlation of all pixels within a 7x7 sized window of two rasters (elevation and slope). The output is multiplied by 10000 for higher precision
g.region rast=elevation -p input1=slope input2=elevation output=corrwin1 size=7 max=10000
r.colors corrwin1 col=bgyr


r.pi.index, r.pi.lm, r.pi


Programming: Elshad Shirinov
Scientific concept: Dr. Martin Wegmann
Department of Remote Sensing
Remote Sensing and Biodiversity Unit
University of Wuerzburg, Germany

Port to GRASS GIS 7: Markus Metz

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