d.font allows the user to select use of a specific text font for display of text on the graphics monitor. If the user does not specify a font when using other GRASS programs that display text, the font type romans is used by default.

The user can run this program either non-interactively or interactively. If the user specifies a font type name on the command line the program will run non-interactively. Alternately, the user can simply type d.font on the command line; in this case, the program will prompt the user for a display text font type.


Name of a font type, from among the font types italicized below.
Default: romans
Options: (italized)
cyrilc Cyrillic
gothgbt Gothic Great Britain triplex
gothgrt Gothic German triplex
gothitt Gothic Italian triplex
greekc Greek complex
greekcs Greek complex script
greekp Greek plain
greeks Greek simplex
italicc Italian complex
italiccs Italian complex small
italict Italian triplex
romanc Roman complex
romancs Roman complex small
romand Roman duplex
romanp Roman plain
romans Roman simplex
romant Roman triplex
scriptc Script complex
scripts Script simplex


The font type romans is the fastest font type to display to the graphics monitor.




James Westervelt, U.S. Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

d.font uses the public domain version of the Hershey Fonts created by Dr. A.V. Hershey while working at the U.S. National Bureau of Standards.

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