r.quant produces the quantization file for a floating-point map.

The map parameter defines the map for which the rules are to be created. If more than one map is specified, then this implies that the floating-point range is the miniumum and maximum of all the maps together, unless either basemap=map or fprange=min,max is specified.

Quant rules

The quant rules have to be entered interactively.

If rules is specified, the input has the form:


where value1 and value2 are floating point values and cat1 cand cat2 are integers. If cat2 is missing, it is taken to be equal to cat1. All values can be "*" which means infinity.


It is an error for both basemap and fprange to be specified.

SEE ALSO, r.null


Michael Shapiro, Olga Waupotitsch, U.S.Army Construction Engineering Research Laboratory

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