g.mlist is an extended version of g.list which provides regular-expression and wildcard support. g.mlist will only print map names and an optional separator, without extraneous output. In addition, map search is also available.

See the g.list help page for discussion of module options.


List all available GRASS data base files:
g.mlist type=all

List all raster and vector maps:
g.mlist type=rast,vect


List all vector maps starting with letter "r":
g.mlist type=vect pattern="r*"

List certain raster maps with one variable character/number:
g.mlist type=rast pattern="N45E00?.meters"

Regular expressions:

Print out all soils map with "soils" in their name:
g.mlist -r type=rast pattern='^soils'

Print out "tmp" if "tmp" raster map exists:
g.mlist -r pattern='^tmp$'

Print out "tmp0" ..."tmp9" if corresponding vector map exists (each map name linewise):
g.mlist -r type=vect pattern='^tmp[0-9]$'

Print out "tmp0" ..."tmp9" if corresponding vector map exists (each map name comma separated):
g.mlist -r type=vect sep=, pattern='^tmp[0-9]$'

This may be useful for other programs' parameter input (e.g. r.series).



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