v.db.univar calculates basic univariate statistics for numeric attributes in a data table. It will calculate minimum, maximum, range, mean, standard deviation, variance, coefficient of variation, quartiles, median, and 90th percentile. It uses to create list values for statistical calculations. NOTES If the database and driver are not specified, the default values set in db.connect will be used.


In this example, random points are sampled from the elevation map (North Carolina sample dataset) and univariate statistics performed:
g.region rast=elevation -p
v.random output=samples n=100
v.db.addtable samples column="heights double precision"
v.what.rast samples raster=elevation colum=heights samples

v.db.univar samples colum=heights


r.univar, v.univar,,, d.vect.thematic


Michael Barton, Arizona State University

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