DESCRIPTION makes a label-file from a GRASS vector map with labels created from attributes in the attached table. The labels are placed in as optimal place as possible. The label file has the same syntax as the one created by v.label


North Carolina example:

# get font names:
d.font -L roadsmajor labels=roads_labels column=ROAD_NAME color=red \
           background=white size=250 font=Vera

# set region:
g.region rast=lsat7_2002_10 -p

# display:
d.rgb b=lsat7_2002_10 g=lsat7_2002_20 r=lsat7_2002_30
d.vect roadsmajor col=yellow
d.labels roads_labels

Road labeling with
Road labeling with (Raleigh, North Carolina, USA, area)


Edmondson, Christensen, Marks and Shieber: A General Cartographic Labeling Algorithm, Cartographica, Vol. 33, No. 4, Winter 1996, pp. 13-23 The algorithm works by the principle of Simulated Annealing.


d.labels Wikipedia article on simulated annealing


Wolf Bergenheim

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