DESCRIPTION computes vertex connectivity between two sets, i.e. the minimum number of vertices whose removal would separate two given sets.


Two sets (set1 and set2) are specified by respective layer, where and cats parameters. Similarly to module, capacities of nodes can be given by ncolumn option. finds the set of nodes of minimum total capacitiy separating the two given sets and outputs map containing points on the positions of these nodes. Default capacity, which is used when no column is specified, is one.


The following command finds the minimum number of intersections separating roads on the left bank from roads on the right bank. input=roads output=roads_conn set1_where="bank=left" set2_where="bank=right" input=airtraffic output=connectivity set1_where="name=JFK" set2_where="name=Heathrow" ncolumn=capacity



Daniel Bundala, Google Summer of Code 2009, Student
Wolf Bergenheim, Mentor

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