The module is used to transform 2D vector features to 3D. Height (z-coordinate) of 3D vector features can be specified by height parameter as fixed value or by column parameter.

Flag -r enables to perform reverse transformation, i.e., transform 3D vector to 2D by omitting z-coordinate.


When transforming 2D vector features to 3D based on attribute, all NULL values are silently converted to height 0.0.


Transform 2D vector features to 3D

# convert z-values from string to double
v.db.addcol map=geodetic_pts columns="Z_VALUE_D double precision"
v.db.update map=geodetic_pts column=Z_VALUE_D qcolumn=Z_VALUE map=geodetic_pts columns=cat,Z_VALUE,Z_VALUE_

# convert 2D vector point map to 3D based on attribute input=geodetic_pts out=geodetic_pts_3d column=Z_VALUE_D

Transform 3D vector features to 2D -rt input=elev_lid792_bepts output=elev_lid_2d


v.transform, v.extrude, v.drape


Martin Landa, CTU in Prague, Czech Republic

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