Quantum GIS Documentation
Version 1.0.2Kore
Please read this entire document for important information about this release.

Whats new in Version 1.0.2?

This is a bugfix release only. A list of closed issues can be found at The 1.0.2 Milestone on QGIS trac

Whats new in Version 1.0.1?

This is a bugfix release only. A list of closed issues can be found at The 1.0.1 Milestone on QGIS trac

Whats new in Version 1.0.0?

This release includes over 265 bug fixes and enchancements over the QGIS 0.11.0 release. In addition we have added the following new features:
Special Requirements
  • Qt 4.3.0 is required.
  • The Expat XML Parser is required for the GPS plugin. This vastly improves the speed and memory management when loading GPX files.
  • The raster georeferencer plugin requires the GNU Scientfic Library (GSL).
GSL and Expat are optional and required only if you want to use the georeferencer or GPS plugins respectively. SQLite is always required.
Known Issues in this Release
OS X Specific
Reporting Bugs
If think you have found a bug, please consider reporting it to the development team. The steps to report a bug are:
  1. Go to the Bug Tracker at https://svn.qgis.org/trac
  2. Read Using Trac With QGIS to learn about the submission process
  3. Review the list of current issues to make sure your bug has not already been submitted. If it has, review the submission and see if there is anything you can add to the bug report to aid the developers
  4. If your bug has not been reported, create a new ticket, making sure to either login to trac or provide your email address. Tickets lacking contact information are subject to deletion.
Installation Guide
How to build and install QGIS. The guide is available as part of the User Guide.
User Guide
The definitive guide to using QGIS (be sure to read this!). The User Guide is available in pdf format.
All documents are installed in the qgis share/doc subdirectory. Updates and translations of the manual are provided at http://download.osgeo.org/qgis/doc/manual/